Red Winter Turn 8-10 campaign


The posts continue as we  look at how maneuver can be your best friend.

These past posts 1,2,3 show  the evolution of the strategy focused on the enemies Center of Gravity. We are edging into his decision cycle, beginning to see him forced into choices we are creating.

As we approach the other side of lakes the battle takes on a more delicate tone. With movement rates lower, and a compressed Finnish line it will be harder to move quickly and exploit weakness.


With these massive arty attacks the Finns reel and retreat.  Reforming a single line again. but now hinging on the lake edge in the South. The village is a mine of VP’s waiting to be dug up. Now rather than plunge towards and along the road we press back the weaker forces on the Tolvajarvi village outskirts.

All of the units there take a beating and once again the Finns retreat and finally decide to weaken the Island, so they can support the village.


the weight of Pojari’s forces are North. by coming across the ice and into the village we can gain an unfair advantage in the attack there!


Boom indeed. by the end of this turn the Soviets take another shovel and whack the Finns to the head.



The island is all but abandoned and these VP’s and the Village are now cheaper and easier to acquire. Plus we can stay in supply  with access to the Northern road. If the Soviets can keep the pressure up and force the Finns to collapse around the road and their supply source then all of the major VPs locations will be secured. Which builds a huge point lead and means the Soviets can consider a second vehicle.t11-atstart

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