Red Winter Turn 3- 4 1st Night!

Continuing from Turn 1  we are revising this post with some strategy details on how the Soviets attempt to out fox the Finns.

See extra comments in italics. 

By quickly lunging across the ice the Soviets obtain a 4 hex attack spread and can simultaneously attack the Gravel Pits. This move which exposes the ice bound Soviets has a special purpose – namely it prevents reinforcement of the Hotel. It becomes very risky to try and squeeze more troops in, or rotate out wounded.

Compare this to the prior Red Winter game where the Finns kept feeding fresh men into the Gravel Pit grinder and you can see the difference!


After a turn of positioning and consolidation the Soviet forces push on the Hotel and Gravel Pits. Arty makes itself felt.

This pre emption takes away choices for the enemy. Now its a focus on tactics to max out fires and hope to roll well. His ability to reinforce is disrupted.


The Finns fight valiantly but are killed off or forced out of the spit.


Then the Soviet’s do something uncharacteristic, rather than press on the Village they divert to pressure North of the Bridge. The Finns follow trying to protect their supply line.

This diversion of force thins the number of units at the Hevossalmi bridge.  The move in that direction forces a spreading of force and present an opportunity to slide behind the flank of Pajari holding the bridge.  the 4/2 and 3/1 plus MG’s cover the icy approaches.

Excellent. But wait! Why do this? Why go North and around? Why not rush the bridge and clear the way to the Supply source? Instead the Soviets dig in at the Hotel to ensure it wont fall easily and race North.  We would rather fight on land versus ice.  This abrupt move does two things. It once again stops the Finns from building a deep or strong defense, they move to counter this advance on their flank. They also know I have reinforcements coming from the North so this situation is now a real threat. All of the Finnish effort is centered on preventing the Soviets from heading West and flanking North. Meanwhile the village is slowly  thinned out, and troops are diverted.



By night fall the Soviets are in good positions.


The first night raid generates 1 step loss, with 6 column shifts to the right!!, but the real damage is done by 9 out of ten stacks  taking a minus one step, due to winter conditions rolls at nite.

The first nite sucks. deal with it… The key is we have two groups of forces that can mutual support each other and the poor die rolling for 9 step losses will have to be slowly recovered .  Tomorrow is a new day!


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