Red Winter on Vassal Turn 11-12 , 5/5

Home Stretch! The Soviets are on a roll.  With the Island and Hotel secure the impetus is upon the Finns to regain some point or kill something.

By placing the Soviets out of Supply this creates problems as previously mention but also costs VP’s.


They pull back the AC to try and knock the Enemy off of the Supply route! This forestalls much further action. Going into the last turn the Finns sneak back onto Kotisaari for a cheap shot at reducing the net total VP’s. Total dick move by me…:)


But it is all to no avail.Early losses and great Soviet play kept the Finns on the back foot. The Soviets scramble to take a minor victory as best we can tell. We did not really pay too much attention to it as we were enjoying the game too much.


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