Red Winter Campaign Turn 11 – Turn 15


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The Finns look to counter attack. Which in my mind is fine. I can hang all day with that and they face the chance of losing steps they cannot afford to lose. In turn 11 we do some regrouping. The night turn kills a few more steps of Soviets!

Bu now we have a hinge to fold the Finnish line up and block any reinforcement of the Village. The road needs to be clear for the tank to be effective, so into action the men go.

With the line a little worse for wear we now focus on killing off the sole Finnish stack in the village. You can see that Pajari is way North, when the action is in the village on on the village road. Dislocation.

In the following turn the Soviets seek to lunge behind the Finns and get to the mortars and supply line.

The arrival of the T-26 makes short work of the thinning herd of Finnish troops.

Finns dig in with the Engineers quickly, but nearly every attack now is gaining encirclement bonus’s and heavy odds favoritism. The tankettes, are interesting as a small strong force moving quickly, can take out larger forces mainly due to its velocity. By being where it is least expected its force is multiplied by its speed and nimbleness.

Pajari retreats to cover the cross roads that lead to the supply source.

This move means that the Finns now have 4 or 5 isolated stacks that the Soviets can pick off. They can control the village in 1 or 2 turns and have secured the rest of the VP’s. now it is a matter of overwhelming force eroding the last stand of the Finns.

The Soviet efforts moves further Southward. as it pecks at the crossroads from two directions.

A final surge with arty clears the village. WE lock down VP’s covering our spending of them for Tanks.

This allows the T26 and arty to hit extra hard.

Turn 15, sees a set of single units spread around Pajari.

Our movement up and down the line keeps the enemy guessing but the game now is smash mouth fighting. The Supply source is closer, but fresh troops and a AT gun arrive for the Finns.

The edges of the road and the Finn forces are being engulfed.


Brutal fighting. Almost surrounded, and auto victory in sight [ but by no means assured] the personal morale roll fails for the Finns. The Soviets have 60-80 VPs, and we figure that count will grow net of Soviet step losses.

IT was a hard fought battle but the Soviets accept the surrender of the Finnish.

The last part of this game was standard attrition warfare, But with overwhelming force. Early on we got to drive the decision cycles for the Finns. As often as possible we placed them in dilemma situations.  Where hard choices were forced – hold the VP and lose the unit or lose the VP and take minor losses.

In some cases even Alcyoneus principle situations. Where we took the battle ground benefit away from the Finns and decapitated them on our own terms in our best terrain.

More than anything tho we were able to pre empt their action, dislocate their forces into terrain or battles not of their choosing.

Any time they attempted to counter attack we were able to disrupt that effort with an emergency at the other end of the battle field.  By holding the Finns center in place we could create those devious, delicious Alexandrian horns and pierce the enemy repeatedly.

End Game state:

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