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The following is a quick overview of the game play of Red Typhoon. Supporting video is available on the blog also. Just sort, search on Red Typhoon via the menu [top right on the current wordpress template]

Premise and background:
RED TYPHOON is a redesign by Revolution Games of the fourth game of the popular PANZER KORPS series; originally published by Command Magazine Japan. Red Typhoon simulates the early 1942 Russian counter-offensive in front of Moscow that almost destroyed Army Group Center.

RED TYPHOON is a two player game following an IGO-UGO turn sequence with activation points controlling the movement and attack of each of your formations. This means that some units will not move or attack, some will just move or just attack and some will both move and attack. The players choices of how to use his activations is the most important decision in the game. Combat is fairly traditional with the additions that units are retreated by the attacking player and that retreated units are disrupted. Players able to take advantage of these two factors will be successful.

The game starts with several large Soviet breakthroughs that the German player must skillfully plug and in certain situations counterattack. There are special rules for German panzers, Soviet Airborne and Partisans. -Revolution Games

The CRT for reference:

If you assumed that C= Contact and DE = Eliminated and Ex = Exchange you are a TGWE [The Greatest Wargamer Ever] Here is how DR is handled:

With this snap view lets look at the plans for both sides in thus 9 turn slugfest. Curiously there is no time scale or map scale.

Planning overview for each side:

Soviet initial plan Group B in Area E with the 61t Army and 3d Army attack Belev & Sukinichi driving towards to Roslavl and Brynsk.

Area D WL group move and attack orde chit. Attacking along the Spas-Demensk – Vyazma line.

Area C W pressue Mozhaysk –Vyazma and look for breakthru opportunities @ Rzhev or along rail line North & Sth to link to Vitebsk.

Area B they will head toward Velieluki

AP planned allocations

German Plan:

Trade space for time and Keep the panzers free using three unit stacks on German VP sites. Allow North flank collapse. Hold near Spas Rzhev.

Above we can see the miserable results of the opening attacks!

Turn 1

In the Sth Belev atk 2:1 (-2+2) obtaining a DR1.

WL Kaluga is attacked at 2:1 +1, AR. Medyn woods 1:1 +1 result – an AR! 2nd attack is a 2:1 Also and DR1 is the result.

Group K

2:1 +1 near Rzhev E earns a DR2, and Rzhev proper the result is a DR2. German units do not attack and don’t retreat far.


Turn 2


Attack again into Medyn area even with a 6:1 generate only a DR3. 1st Shock attacks and pushes back the Germans 4 hexes. Germans hold the line.

Turn 3

Soviets attack Medyn @ 4:1 -2 and 5:1 resulting in a contact and a DR3. Mozhaysk is attacked again this time with a 3:1 -1 DRM earning an AR. Attacks in and around WR sector at Gzhatsk end up in Contacts.

The German forces in the South rally to counter attack near Orel. 2nd Pazr take Orel but loses a step, and the combat in Kirov is another Exchange! The Germans bank an AP.

Turn 4

Soviets fight to a contact in Kirov and Mozhysk….OMG. The German 2nd Pzr Div take Kirov via a DR that results in an DE due to eZOCs. 4th Pzr attacks into the woods near Mozhaysk resulting a Contact. 9th Army and 4th Pzr fight in Rzhev resulting in a DR3 and DR1!

Turn 5

Soviets finally take Medyn and Partisans emerge in Zone 1. The Germans retaliate killing 1 Partisan near Demidov. The Germans make Brynsk secure.

Orel falls as the units of 2nd Pzr retreat from their attack.

Turn 6

Soviets endure horrible rolls yet again force a unit loss North of Brynsk and also garner 2 C results. Partisan are pushed out of Yartsevo by the Germans.

Turn 7

The German defenses finally crack in the center.

Their northern forces of the Soviets suffer several AR’s yet some forces manage to sweep north then west.

The Soviet Para force drops near Vyazma taking it. The Germans now have a total of 8 units dead.

Partisans move to Roslavl and the Germans continue to ‘whack a mole’. A furious counter attack at 2:1 near Kirov fizzles out to a Contact.

Turn 8 Soviet kill 3 units. But it feels like too little too late. South of Gzhatsk starts to open up.

Turn 9

Soviets rush to Vitebsk and the Germans do likewise.

Kirov attack fails, Vyazma attack generates a DR. Gzhatsk falls via DR2 and knock out a unit from 4th Pzr. A desperate attack into Rzhev clears it with a DR picking up 3 VP.

The Germans have the last move. They focus in on just Rzhev, with a 2:! Attack -1 they roll a 6 and force the Soviets out!

See my Video for thoughts and comments about the game system, components and other aspects of the game.

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  1. Kevin, My Brother and I just finished two playthroughs of R-T and truly cannot figure out how you got the result – map positions – that you had in your play. We even played with the variable of the shock army moved to the WL front to try and exploit through the Kaluga gap. Each time – and we varied who played the Russian – we were able to counter the Russian thrusts, admittedly giving up space for time, with movement of units, avoiding expending AP’s on attacks. The Russian fighting their way to “mid map” was a stretch in both games. Were you advancing the same # of hexes as the retreating units in D2-D4 results?

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