Rating Games

Yes, Look at that. The blog is not as hard on games as you think:)

For instance over half the games played in the last year were rated an 8 ! Yes you read that right an EIGHT [based on the BGG scale]. Who knew.

Such a softy.

But it would appear that Big Board postings place me outside the norms compared to other players and BGG averages. BGG users rate games under seven more generously. Whereas  here there are more 4’s/5,s etc. It is noteworthy that  9 rated games are more highly represented here than the average BGG user.

There is a tendency to mark down a game if it is not making the grade. Where as if we were to guess, BGG users on average will give a game a 6 when its really they think its a rated a 5 or worse. Nearly 2/3’s of the games ever played are rated 7 or higher! The difference between the low end on both of the left charts is distinct.

So much love.

Perhaps its time to toughen up!

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