Rant Free Podcasting!

The guys at Advance after Combat Podcast Talk thru: Polis, a Euroesque game Ancients game and more!


La Bataille de la Moscowa – Clash of Arms was played Hidden Intruder and Last Frontier – Jasons Sci Fi escapades continue.

World at War GMT Games! Midway scenario.

The momentum for me to look at this keeps building!

A Victory Lost David and Marshall wrap up their game! As usual the Axis win.

Jason played King Phillips War and resigned! The game involves on a phased approach, IGOUGO. Sounded fun.

LNL FHII got played by Jason. White Dog Games- Vietnam Solitaire got a run as well so Jason has been playing a tonne of games!!

So then talk turns to Civil War.

Stonewall Jacksons Way II -GMT covering 1st and 2nd Bull Run.  GBofCW, a operational level title. Dav does a great job of summarizing the mechanics and game play. I think this is a Berg game and thus command activation is a reflection of his approach to ACW and TSS (Terrible Swift Sword).

With fatigue, stragglers, command failure, special attack types etc. Gets a big thumbs up from Dave. Will be interesting to play side by side with the MMP system.

Another Great Podcast, minus a rant.

Link to the pod cast



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