The first in magazine insert game from Line of Fire Magazine.

A very, very clever, engaging and thought provoking game.

Simple at first, with nice layers of subtly added as you experiment with different unit capabilities, discretely and in combination. After 4 plays I am hooked not only on the counter and map art but on the extra depth provided with so few rules!


Turn 1 and 2 are hard on the NATO forces but typically as the game progresses the tide turns. The battles become a tense stand off. With just 7 turns can NATO capture the vital bridge and surrounding areas? When to use the NATO Sniper? Who should the Hind target? Infantry? Or Tanks?
Can the Russians fool the NATO player into over committing early?
Who will have airstrikes this turn?
Do the US reinforcements have the staying power to take AND hold the bridge.

One of the best magazine games I have played since Battles Magazine Battle for Hue (which had limited replay value).

I hope this magazine and receives the attention it deserves. LNL is a small business making big fun games. Take a moment to give them a look or a second look. They are doing some amazing things.
Look for the rest of the game at the youtube channel (link above top right) or on facebook.
By the way who is this woman Petrov and what the hell is she doing in town?….. find out in a future Line of Fire Magazine.


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