Raid n Riposte LnLP

Vance and I had a bang up all in, fight to the last man and woman!
This little title from Line of Fire 12 has a lot going on.

To recap – WWIII, opening moves see a Soviet elite Para force taking and holding a key bridge. The US and German forces are coming to take it back!

I spoke about this game previously, and I can say now after 4-5 plays that there is lots of hard decision making to do and even more tension this guy than those man children waiting for a NBA slot the other nite.

Here is part 1 of a VASSAL play thru with Vance. 3 parts lots of fun. The opening sees the Germans come on and just as in the book the Soviets have units forward. They do some real damage much to my surprise!

This time we are playing all the rules ‘correct’. Lately (I think due to some personal pressures) I have been making very common and silly mistakes. But not tonight. Plus Vance helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

So Vance pounds away tearing me a new one…..I’m wondering how the hell I am going to get to that bloody bridge and capture all the surrounding zones plus some…..

Slowly some US troops plod on, and then the brain teasing starts. Each of us are really taking some time on each alternating impulse.

Should I move the tanks up? Should I combine to fire? Where can I get the best leverage? Who can I suppress first then attack? Is there a way around? How much time will that take?
How will he react?

On the Soviet side Vance has a lot of weapons, a Grenande launcher thingy…deadly to Infantry, a T-12 anti tank gun, a mortar crew, Su-85 (ish) tank killer and a freaking Hind.
But he has to use them on the right target and at the right time. Plus thankfully the Hind only appears when he has an airstike and I dont ( a die roll each measured against the turn #…yet another simple and elegant design feature).
Plus Vance has to consider my approach, the best terrain for him to defend in and ultimately how to keep that bridge…..Ok on to Turn 4!

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