Quick to judge?

Just a few thoughts here as I compare some older designs and more recent designs and my impressions. While it is true for me that I believe I understand or spot quickly when a game is ‘bad’ for me or poorly thought out or plain does not work. There are times when we really should give some patience and more thought to the designs presented to us:

2 thoughts on “Quick to judge?

  1. Trying out new games is a great idea, but one of the largest obstacles these days is the cost involved with just “pick up a game, play it, and see if it’s any good”. When a person has to drop 60, 80 or even 100 dollars to “try” a new game to “see if they’ll like it”, it’s a bit of a hindrance to experimentation.

    I still go out and buy new games, and my usual war game buddy also does it (more so than I), but we both find that we have a greater representation of “games that miss” rather than finding games that we truly enjoy. Some of these games fall into the easy aspect of “pick it up, play it, see if you like it” because they are not too expensive. Others, however, my friend has found that dropping 60-80 bucks on a game that we do not enjoy is a painful experience on the pocketbook.

    So yes, playing new games is great to expand your experiences. You learn new mechanics, see new takes on old subjects, and sometimes find a real gem (Blocks in the East/West, for example). You just hope you don’t come across too many instances of “Rommel in the Desert” that leave you wishing you not only got your money back, but your time back as well.

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