Quick Pics – Third World War

We wrap up after three turns and a bunch of hours of moving, rolling, drinking and laughing our asses off….Well except for that time when I thought Dave

would never..STOP..ROLLING…SIXES….STOP…I nearly cried.

Steve was introduced to the Beer Goddess Jaylee.



And Go!


These two pound on the #TGWE for half the day. Then we all road trip to collect Mike Vallance!

Mid turn 1…eek.

All together on a break! Hatch Chile Queso, Beers, and Manhattans.

Start Turn 2


Turn 3 start losses.

By end of 1st Soviet Impulse segment thingie the Soviets have slowed a lot the Rumanians have defected to NATO and in turn 4 the Jugo’s will flip to NATO. It looks grim for Warsaw Pact expansionism.

Istanbul reverts back to NATO control. The Soviets need 9 VP for a marginal victory. We have some time left but beer and food beckon.  We agree on a draw and also agree this was a great primer for the full campaign on Wednesday night thru Saturday.


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