Quartermaster General snapshots

A quick playing card driven game, that puts you into a risk like situation capturing areas and dominating your opponents.
2015-01-23 20.22.27

Each side has a unique deck, and forces are arrayed historically per WWII alliances.

2015-01-23 21.29.02

Smooth playing fast and ahistorical. Dont look for history lessons unless you have a good imagination. The game works on a series of rounds and about 20 turns. Time will fly by as you find the choices between playing various cards for long term effects is out weighed by immediate concerns.2015-01-23 20.44.36

That makes for some tense play.2015-01-23 20.22.27


If your enemies get inside your decision loops it is all but over subject to card draws. It is not obvious after one play that the ‘luck of the draw’ trumps good strategic game play.2015-01-23 19.52.15

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