Publishers and Game Designers take a leaf…

In the world of software, the companies as Bill Gates suggest, that learn from both happy and disgruntled customers progress and advance faster based upon my experience.

The game designers and and game publishers could make use of this mantra.
billgatesWhy is it that some if not many Publishes/Designers are so dismissive of the end user?

Crowds of uber fans beat down criticism from new players or unhappy clients! Designers dismiss comment, and some publishers flat out ignore the base.

Fortunately we have companies that do their best to live up to the mantra above, some are large and some are new and nascent.

For me it strikes as odd that a company is unwilling to learn from client dissatisfaction let alone actually listen that which is offered.


2 thoughts on “Publishers and Game Designers take a leaf…

  1. I’m tired of waiting three to five years for a game to finally be produced. By then, I’ve lost interest. Even worse, companies that keep promising a release date only to postpone it again and again. Hire more people! Help the economy! Don’t make promises
    you can’t keep!

  2. Fanboys are the worst thing for a company. They effectively shut down all conversation about a product, limiting the feedback to the publisher/designer to “you go, girl!” banalities. And game designers have Godzilla-sized egos and seem to eat this stuff up.

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