Preparing to Play…. From Scratch.

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What steps do you take to prepare, protect and pimp your game?

6 thoughts on “Preparing to Play…. From Scratch.

  1. I guess one advantage the laser has is that the counters can be thicker – maybe 50 percent thicker, and possibly of a denser board. They are a lot more substantial.

    Also, without the die press the two sides are completely flat. No ‘dent’ on the bottom side of the counter.

    And the shape is much easier to adjust. The two counter sheets in the game I bought where square, rectangular, round – in a couple of sizes, I think, and the event chits were large squares with rounded corners.

    VPG prints their counter faces on ‘regular’ paper instead of the glossy kind of printed stuff that MMP and other big companies do. In the old days SPI used a matte finish – but the paper was still thicker than VPGs. To me, this is a minor ‘cost of their business plan’ which allows them to hand make a game per order, so they can turn out little games every few weeks instead of twice a year.

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