Prelude to War Part 3: Pre War T6 –War T0

Previously in the VASSAL play of TWW

Pre War Turn 6

“Mr President they will mobilize, not if, rather when.” Said the aide.

“Son we must give peace a chance, but raise us up one Level on DEFCON, have the Marines be ready…and..”

“Ahh Mr President we are ready. The Marines and an Aviation Battalion can be reinforcing our force on the Coast of Iran in days.” The SECDEF looked chuffed with himself. “We have modelled this for years. We are ready also with strike packages to knock out Soviet ground forces before they even know what hit them!” In his mind to himself he said “BOOM. ”


Game Note – with the play of General Mobilization the Allies may change their card played.

US plays Jordanian Intervention. WU/Allies elect to mobilize, negating the card played. This means the Jordanians won’t be joining the game. We now roll to War Turn 0.

War Turn 0

Persian Gulf

“This is the SECDEF you are clear to strike target Alpha One on my order” The satellite connection faded, and came in and out. The Admiral request a reconfirm of the garbled transmission.

“Bravo One, Bravo One is the ordered target.” Said the SECDEF, now I got to go, let me know when drop on those boys!!”

“But…”the line went dead. “Did I hear him right?” The admiral’s voice rose above the din of the CINC. “Aye Aye sir, Bravo One Sir. Said the Captain at his side, already reaching for the phone to dial up Diego Garcia for in air refuel instructions to the fleet of B-52s circling above it. “Belay that, he said Alpha One first, damn it” cursed the Admiral.

B-52’s come online and attempt to find two Divisions of Soviets moving south of Estafhan.

F16’s and F14A’s escort the strike to send a clear message….but Abort unable to secure their target. This is a huge blow. Meanwhile Soviets attack Bactria putting one hit on the Iranian army, and will follow up with another in the secondary phase.


“It is as we thought. Our army sweeps all before it. Losses are mild, and the much overrated Iranians melt before us.”

“Da this is good, but when do we make contact with the Americans? Asked Gorbachev, his birthmark seemed especially deep purple in color today. “When in the South? Let us fight them there first and bring all of the Air assets online in the North before we strike for the Rhine”

“This is foolish Premier…please ..ahem… please our Air Marshalls can handle themselves, let my Tanks go into Germany at short notice! If we rollout of the barracks we gain the surprise we need to quickly crush the pathetic rabble” crowed the aging General. “A blitzkrieg the like of which has never been seen! But NO! Instead you clog the highways and road and rail with artillery, supply trucks and contract shipping. We must Strike NOW!!! You are telling them we are coming.”


In the Pact 2nd Impulse they take Bactria.


In the NATO reserve phase, 2nd MEB, as well as the Vietnam hardened 18th Avn bn attack @ 2:1 the rebels Iranians have isolated the enemy so odds bump up due to reduced effectiveness caused by the isolation. The result forces a disruption and retreat, as they are surrounded by ZOCS.


US Marines and reinforcements land in the Gulf ports. 24th ID, 2nd MEB and 6th Marine land un opposed and quickly take Ahvez. Their goal now is to reform and prepare a defensive perimeter around the VP rich oil fields and look to take out isolated Divisions. Bradley fighting vehicles rumble thru the streets, supplies flow. The Marines are here. Stand back bitches.

82nd Airborne clears the passes and sets up shop.

Arctic Zone

In the Arctic Zone the Norwegians roll for unit early activation.

Game Note:

I fail to see the point of the whack a mole syndrome here. If Norway activate to cover a port, it leaves field open…. WE have to focus upon the Sea Zone control not port control until the Soviet intentions become clearer.


Central Europe

In the Belgian capital, British, French, US, West German and minor nations’ major Generals sit around a huge conference table wreathed in smoke. Deployment options are discussed, actual tallies of ammunition and preparedness are reviewed versus what is “on paper”. The delays, spending deferrals and out right disarmament of most of Europe has left the empty promises of minor allies bouncing like Pawn brokers check. There is a shortage of everything.

Only 3 POMCUS units come online. Of those 2 activate and move forward. Forward being East. Towards Eastern Germany. Soldiers on the ground, review MOPS procedures, head to pre planned positions, and check routes to secondary locations and other defensive lines that have been long planned. Airborne units are asked to secure Kiel from land invasion, while ambassadors argue about ratcheting tension unnecessarily! Tank transporters, M113, Luchs, AMX and other vehicle types clog the roads. The news carries fear and uncertainty. Stores are stripped of food. The older wiser population quietly make vacation plans in Spain.

3rd ID, 2nd Armoured to support the defense, leading the way, scraping red tape they raid POMCUS 2 & 3 and take extra ammo, supplies and spares. They have trained for war. They will fight. The big question is will their allies stand firm and how hard will the Russkies and East Germans hit them?

Central Command pushes units North to support the British and reinforce the area SW of Dortmund and near the infamous GAP!

[Game Note:

The US has a plan of sorts, and the first part of that plan is to force the ‘expected’ attack onto another axis. But more on that AFTER the Soviets first turn. J Hi Steve….]

“One thing we must do is keep the enemy off balance.” Said the US General. “By pressing units North to the plains we make the obvious open plains rush more problematic. We reduce the ability for a quick port grab with follow on naval invasions. Thus. I suggest that Dutch and French forces move Northward to prevent the sickle cut attack, and are in position to be sacrificed as needed….I mean provide support as needed”.

“What are we issuing for rules of engagement?” asked the Dutch General. “It moves it dies” Said the US officer. “What?” Says the Dutch General?

“Listen if it has a Soviet uniform, or is out after curfew it dies, it is that simple.”

“That is outrageous. My men will not do this” The florid face Dutch General stood and stormed out. As he stormed the door the US lead said “Then you better start learning Russian pal. If you expect my men to die for you, your entire populace needs to find a spine, 30 years of soft living has made you weak.”

The thinned line in the South of Europe means that quick reinforcement of that area will be required IF the Soviets try to re orient their attack.


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