Pre Order Expectations in 2014

I have the following items on pre order with these vendors: Line of Fire subscription – likely 2 issues in 2014. Paper Wars – one or two issues C3i Magazine one issue All of those will have a game or a module.

MMP: Reluctant Enemies

Last Chance for Victory

Korea: The Forgotten War

The Mighty Endeavor 2nd Edition *PREV OWNERS*

Konigsberg 1945

Cancelled: Last Stand – The Battle for Moscow 1941-42

GMT: Next War: India-Pakistan [considering dropping this]

Panzer Exp. #3: Drive to the Rhine – The 2nd Front

Hoplite (Quan.2): Made the Cut

Unconditional Surrender!

Alexander Deluxe

Cancelled: Combat Commander BP #6: Sea Lion

Legion Wargames Toulon 1793 But wait…I thought I was not buying any games in 2014? I’m not going to look at my kickstarter account… Holy Smoke!

3 thoughts on “Pre Order Expectations in 2014

  1. Thanks for putting up the list, but I was wondering why you were thinking of dropping Next War: India-Pakistan?

    • Similar to NW Korea the designer is up scaling the capabilities of the forces to make a fight of it. The NK units are way to powerful. Similarly the Pakis apparently are beefed up to make a fight of it. That was not why I was interested in the series.

  2. I can see where that would be a little off-putting. It seems to be a challenge to model modern conflicts in the traditional hex and counter way given the asymmetrical nature of forces today, but I guess I could make certain allowances so long as it’s fun to play. Thanks for the feedback.

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