Pre Order Bonus

As they enter the last preorder days for BLOCKS IN AFRIKA,  VN Games want to thank you all for the trust you have been putting in them, so they have decided that all the preorders will include a special BONUS.

They put a poll up. they answer was duh… Both.

Option A: AFRIKA IS LOST BONUS CARD. A special unique never available BONUS card, double laminated, 3D, UV matted card.

Option B: BITE CHROME NATO EDITION STICKERS (including a special revised version of the Axis Minor Supreme Leaders: Mannerheim, Gariboldi, Antonescu, Szombalthely and Stalin).



The great thing about Pre order with VN Games is you know you will receive your title, as it is already under production. Its more of a chance for you to secure a less expensive copy.

Lets also look at relative value of the VN games.  HoldFast a Worthington Games title retails for $64 bucks and comes with plain box inside a sleeve, a medium size cardboard map and well less than 100 blocks.

Image BGG: Jim Pap

By comparison for $72 dollars You get this many blocks,


A large map in water resistant sturdy material


Plus all the paraphernalia that comes with BiA, supply markers, production tracks and all sorts of goodness. Clearly too different audiences for the titles (though they have an East Front title also) but my point is the “value” in terms of what you physically get in the box is stark by comparison. The companies are of roughly equivalent size staff wise, but my understanding is VN Games volume of units sold is significantly higher. That might explain part of the cost benefit.

If you have seen my playthroughs you know I dig the system, hence my promo write up today. Go grab this and BitE, you wont hate yourself.


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