Post Human W.A.R.

Received another email a few days back seeking my input for a review…umm ok. Someone didn’t do their homework. But here goes. This is a Steam PC game which goes live:

Full release spotted! Post Human W.A.R is out of early access December 14th!

Tragically conformist PC fap ware, wrapped in a Enviro-Social Justice hex based 3 way tug of war game. With the 2nd most annoying voice overs and ‘look I’m too stupid to play with without color by numbers interference’…sigh. But wait there is there isn’t.

Well with that out of the way, this free review copy and groovy media pack was provided so that I could induce you into parting with your hard earned dollars. So let me see if I can convince you to buy this space and time waster.

During the 2nd tutorial you learn more about the factions. #1 a Post Human evolution from TOXIC waste that humanity [ now dead from abusing the planet] , they commandeer animals[ with stupid accents]….fight against a splitter group who want to leverage what humanity left behind to  re create a civilization….Nope the Toxic blokes are not having any of that. You play them.. you want total annihilation of all things Human. The #3 faction is a bunch of robots who served humanity, who predictably want neither toxic evolution faction to be on the planet…You get to play them too….a 3 way race to kill all……righty then.

Move, then fight. The  range is glibly printed on map. Graphics are 2d, top down.

Art is cute. Music in annoying and the voices…OMG STFU Luigi.

You throw some penguins, punch some stuff and buy armies to fight the ‘good fight’ Saving/Destroying Post Humanity.

I feel sorry for the designers… not that my review will impact sales or anything, just whoever did the research into what is cool, what sells and what is interesting was either wrong, not done or indeed more likely I’m a curmudgeon….

Lots of work went into the models…there that was something nice. Shoot the voice over lady and delete the game. OMG.

But I might be wrong – Here watch the trailer:

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