Polls for Turn #3 US

Time again to sort out the following based upon this situation:

NDC Turn 3 of 9 Overview

NDC Turn 3 of 9 Overview

Note Previous Posts regarding Turn 3:

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Where to search and apply intel resources.

What if any interdictions to do or Attacks upon Enemy HQ’s.

What to do with the forces of Brigades 1-3 of the 8th Division.

First Search Sectors:

The natural ones you should search (note that an enemy unit will lose its intel status if it moves one hex. So while last turn X units may have been identified in a sector there may be more or less now subject to who moved where!)

F2 /H3/H4/J4 are priorities or must do. Here is where you searched last turn:


Suggested other searches: F3,F4/G4,/J3 That would cost 4 extra Support points. The challenge you face is with Precipitation, air resources are halved and any resources used for INTEL are not available the rest of the turn.

Q1:Do 4 extra searches?

Q1:Do 4 extra searches?

Q2:If not do 2?

Q2:If not do 2?

Q3:If so which 2? – F3 and G4 or F4 and J3? Or you tell me 😉 Post a comment.

Barrage Counter /Barrage Phase

Interdiction options.

The enemy forces near COPPEL in the North are recon. They are not engaged. They will have half movement 20MP all terrain cost doubled for rain).

Do you want to place Interdiction level 2 to slow/prevent a river crossing?

Launch Barrage fire at Divmain for 27th and or 7th. They have been static for a turn?

Launch Barrages against ‘closest’ Regimental HQ’s that have forces in contact with you?

Q4: Yes No?

Q4: Yes No?


Isolated companies: Hold?

Really limited on choices here.

North: Here, The Soviets have left this unattended for too long, seeking to ‘run’ their programmed offense. They now might seek to dislodge this unit.


Center: This one company is holding up 4 units from 2 different Regiments. It will likely fall this turn, but the men have done their job.


Last turn proved fruitful for you. But now 1/8 has a Bn with 2 steps down (4) 2/28.

A: You could swap (relief/insert)with 2/87 and allow 2/28 and opportunity to recover to Fatigue level 0.


B: Send 2/87 around and assault in TM mode the ½ engaged weakened Soviet Bn?

Q5: A or B

Q5: A or B Formation Options

Transform 4/69th armoured out of HA to TM and attack the Soviet Bn caught in HA mode at the edge of the woods. This would be done along with either solution chosen above.

Drop 4/3/8/8/ out of DZ and hit Hasty or Mobile D.

The forces in that sector and what happens or could happen next turn are unknown at this time.



Use the 1/62 in Tactical Mode to attack the 7th. (Note cross attached to 1/8)

  • 1/39 will attack also despite its weak subordinate commander the enemy facing it from 7th tanks is just 3 steps, CSP will be used to support the attack.
  • 1/87 to hasty or mobile d.

Move 2/68 up to 1039 to occupy rough terrain on the E-4, and be closer to counter attack

Q6: Y/N?

Q6: Y/N?


Hold? If no I will provide some ALT choices.

Q7: Y/N?

Q7: Y/N? Hold 3/8

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