POLL # 1-1 Allied Forces Austerlitz

The Allies face some choices. Clearly the plan did not work, or failed for some other reason, related to politics, command capabilities and bone headedness..

The troubles were obvious, the French plan ingenious and as we have read ingeniously played. Right down to the visits from Russian Officers asking for surrender.

What to do. All the polls are open to change and to new suggestions. Which I will add, Otherwise we play historically.

If you have an alternate plan vote other and leave a comment at the END of the post. That way every one can see it and I receive notifications, so I can clarify intent.

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Please see image below for unit locations at start and geography.

This link takes you to some background : http://wp.me/p1yz7I-75VAt8

This link takes you to voting on French Forces: http://meshtime.com/2012/07/05/poll1-fr-austerlitz/

Left Wing:

A-GL & 1st Column capture Telnitz

2nd Column  Capture Sokolnitz

3rd Column advance and capture Pheasant Garden

Right Wing

Regiment Advance Guard capture Stanton redoubt.

Cav to move across the Pratzen Heights to defend Blaswitz

Russian Imperial Guard Reserve

Center Wing 

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