Point to point…selfie.


Omg he didn’t tell me FOR we the people [so picky…dear readers] was point to point and card driven. The things I do for friends. Not clipped either…grrr.


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7 thoughts on “Point to point…selfie.

  1. You are a brave man sir! Not my cup of tea either – and I have tried – really.

    • Mark, it is! Thanks for designing this. I just got to it today! Better late than never.
      AS an avid avoider of such things as P2P and CDG’s I was wonderfully surprised at how much I enjoyed the thought process going on as I struggled to grok, Strategic goals, system and tactics all at once!
      A testament to the game that 20 minutes of overview allowed us to dive in and play.
      You are awesome. But I think you know that, because Judd Vance reminds you daily!

      • This is a fantastic design and I managed to teach a man with developmental issues how to play in short order. Easy to learn and tough to master, which is the hallmark of a great system. Thank you Mark. However, I must reconsider allowing Kevin into my home again because he insists on walking around shirtless to honor ANZAC Day. Crikey!


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