Play By Poll C.V.

Here we go. Are you excited? Can you find the IJN before they find you?  It is just like Battleship!

With a few differences.

So fist off. We have some US aircraft coming on board once the game starts from Johnston Island and Hawaii.

Powerful Medium Range Fortress Bombers and Liberators.

From Johnston Island:

The numbers on the map represent the turn they arrive. The good news is most of these can be put to work right away without having to go directly to Midway. The Catalinas can stay aloft for 20 turns, Fortresses for 12 and Liberators for 15.  You decide the search pattern, and I will manage the return home, letting you know how far they got, what they see and suggesting you launch new craft to take their place.

You can download a plot map from here: , but you should be able to tell me what to do in general terms or via a vote on a poll.

Sound easy eh!

So as we ready to start here is the latest weather and intel that you know. Japanese Forces are approaching. They will enter the map at the earliest as follows:

Somewhere in between the areas A and F (details in next post). on the following turns:

You know that the AP (Carrying the Japanese Land forces) travel one hex a an hour (a turn).  We start at 0100 HR on the 3rd of June. The AP forces will be accompanied by the  CVL Zuiho :

With just enough aircraft to perform CAP or air defense for the two Task Forces (or 1)..or more…’)

@1500 HR four CV’s arrive. You believe they will be the Akagi, Hiryu, Kaga, and Soryu. With a massive load of fighters and bombers these forces will likely be hunting for your carriers (CVs) and supporting the Zuiho. While the Akagi pictured below looks awkward it survived dive bombing and B-17 Fortress attacks. 15 Devastors were shot down, it took 28 dive bombers to stop her.

Here is an image of the Kaga with triple decks. Weather and entry Intel next post.

images:   Thanks to Mitch for these great shots.

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