This Scenario replicates the movement of forces against unexpectedly strong Argentine defense and fighters.  The British had a hell of a time, moving into the mountains that ringed the town of Darwin and thus began the Battle of Goose Green. Actual losses were about 15 dead and 37 wounded, the Argentine forces lost 50 men and nearly a 100 wounded. Our loss rate in this little battle will prove to be much worse!

So VPs are awarded for unit exits, in good order. The AR team receives points for kills. There are some Arty strikes. Some Air strikes.

It is all in all a deadly little scenario.

In the video posted on the 20th Dec. 2012 I shared each sides reasoning for the setup and likely plans.

By the end of turn one the Argentinians were concerned about their Left Flank being over weight but they hoped to channel the Brits onto a kill zone on the right. Now they faced a choice of re balancing to adjust to the British setup (AR setup first). The Brits see an opportunity to keep the pressure on the AR left and move Sgt Hill towards the enemy. This draws fire and shakes the Sarge and his squads.

The 12.7mm dominates the open ground. The other two platoons of men (6 squads) use overwatch style movement to approach the next ridge. The BBBB leap frogs forward and takes cover.

realizing they may become bogged down if the fire keeps up, Cpt Mercurycalls in spotting rounds on the 12.7 in its foxhole. The Fire is accurate!

With the suppression of the gunners the Brits hightail it to close in. Some take long range fire but shrug it off.

Tanier is wounded by shrapnel!

20121220_125151End of Turn 2.

Hill and his men dash for the next ridge line  whilst the guns are under suppression. Captain Freddie Mercury, IS NOT ON A BICYCLE, but cycles to the foot of the main plateau. While Lt Abbot keeps a steady line of fire on the far side of the board. The British Paras are high morale units and very hard to even shake.

So far the Argentines have not had a Flash (+ve result from  equal initiative die rolls, that provides a combat benefit to AR forces for one turn), nor have they rolled well.

The heavily bandaged Lt Tanier wins initiative and attempts to spot in Arty to slow up the Paras. But it is not where he needs it. He cycles it for a retry later.

His 12.7mm does not recover but flanking forces reduce a British squad.

By the end of Turn 3 the Argentines have re balanced forces, but are still required to man their Left as Hill pushes forward!

The Paras gather at the base of the hill ready to assault up and over as 2 squads try to pass the well dug in RdI #25 near the board edge.

Someone shouts “Incoming” and the paras dive for cover in the scree. Spotting rounds fall, near the tightly clustered Paras!

Abnett and co duck for cover as does Mercury.

The adjusted fire zeros in on the Paras. Round after round crash down. Both Leaders are suppressed,but urge their men onwards!
The troops who are not suppressed move up despite the noise and fire, using the cloud of fire almost like a smoke screen, they brave movement between salvos.

Yes a Hero Spawns!

With shells raining in, and weapons fire all over chaos reigns. The Paras get some men to a an area with fox holes.

The Argentines put fierce fire on the Paras, who return as good as they get, the AR’s spawn a hero also. It is about to become really ugly!

The British Para Medic rushes to the aid of his men, while Shells fall!

Turn 4 begins…. The men pause and seek assurance from their Leaders.

“Up and at ’em chaps” goes the cry! The men of 2nd Battalion surge forward.

Losses mount on both sides, as deadly fire and brutal hand to hand fighting at close quarters  raises the body count.

The shells finally stop falling and Mercury surveys the situation thru binoculars.

The British press forward. Just as new reinforcements enter for the Argentinians.

Losses are at 3 squads or nearly an entire platoon! The good news is that the Argentines lower morale really means they need to fight at range and are hard to rally.
The Brits realize this and attempt to close.

As they do so a Paucara strafes one of the squads killing several men.

At the end of turn 6 Brits are in a solid position. The Medic fails to heal the Hero, but teams get first shots off on the reinforcements and the combined firepower is devastating.

Hill and his men exit the map for 6 VPs, this evens up the VP count.

Even with the high save roll the men under Lt Sanchez fail their rolls, and cower in fear.

Hero Beckin  storms the gun emplacement taking out all the suppressed forces there.  Abnett, and Mercury rally thru and exit off board after finishing off the last remnants of Sanchez’s force. The Sniper misses even with a Flash turn! The victory for the British in the battle for the heights around Darwin is secured.

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