Phoenix #27

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A thorough and detailed look at City Fight from Phoenix magazine in 1980!


A 5 turn AAR and images give a real feel for this under appreciated modern tactical fighter from SPI. She was designed as a sister game to the maligned FireFight, the DOD/Army funded wargame that SPI created then sold to the public.

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In my view it takes off from where Squad Leader started. With modern day command and control considerations, modern urban warfare and lots of chrome to make it all sticky and dead sexy. This was my go to game for a long time, solo and with my locally Melbourne based buddy.  I played most of the scenarios including the hilarious London is burning scenario where one side is the Police and Fire Brigade the other a bunch of post concert marauding skin heads. Hilarious fun…played with night rules just to cap it all off.

The rules while LARGE, are nicely layered in 3 stages for players to come to grips with at their own pace.




Paul King sums up his feelings on the game here:cf4


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Perhaps in 2015 time frame we can all play this together?

Using a Play by Poll mechanism. You vote on the course of action of the teams, and tanks. I worry about the other side and resolving all the rules thingies…!?

Who is interested?

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