Phantom Fury Turn 3 snippets.

A quick note. Whilst the rules are tight. They are worded in such a way that ambiguity can arise. There are so many instances where an item, a team, an enemy or a location can be adjacent or neighboring that I am literally double checking every time. For example, when I check for Sniper attack on a street crossing. I must look very carefully, where is the zone limit? Is it the dotted line, the solid line, both? Is it neighboring or adjacent units that matter for this?
That type of thing.

The rest of the game is simple.

2011-12-24 19-15-12.203

Time for reinforcements Turn 3

I can see that this might end up being a bit of grind especially if rolls don’t go well early. The task is truly daunting. For me I focus on the Zones in front, and worry about that huge board ahead of me later.  I also realized (I think that 2 units can be in a zone, obviously not 2 in a location… but then whey not say “NO STACKING”.  Some of the language is word ‘differently’.  I think more play testing with US /UK based non grognards might have helped.

2011-12-26 20-06-00.171

Tank Fire

Finally we clear Zone 1

2011-12-23 21-28-36.000

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