Phantom Fury ..almost final! [edit]

Turn 10

The squads from battalion reserve showed up, but the Captain knew he would be frowned on for calling them in. No matter, time was running short. He had to continue to push the tempo of this operation. Trying to get their FLOT re-oriented was slowing down the right flank, the Iraqis in the mosque were doing lots of nothing. As near as he could tell, some very badly mauled squads were making some progress, but his CAAT teams were burning through their ordinance rapidly.

[Tried to get fire onto some positions before crossing the next line of streets, got one under strength squad with explosives remaining to take zone 42. Battalion reserves getting into position to help resume the push.]


Still too damned much suppressing fire! The Captain was fuming. His men were performing brilliantly, but they were bogging down. They had to MOVE! At least the Iraqis had liberated the Mosque, depsite suffering significant losses. ‘Welcome to democracy,’ the Captain thought. He called battlaion HQ and requested more men…

[More zones are cleared, no Marine casualties, effective fire from CAAT teams but still moving too slow. Virtually no chance of clearing all zones in remaining turns.]

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  1. Oops, I keep meaning to finish this game and post more AAR’s. This isn’t final, I’ll get through it at some point. Sorry for the big delay.

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