Pegasus Bridge

Many of you dont hit facebook. But while the site was down I was playing Pegasus Bridge. One of two or three solo games ever published by SPI’s Strategy and Tactics magazine. Tarawa is another that I know of.

This solo game covers the action from DDay and the Brits para drop. Easy enough with the historical setup. But this simple game offers a progressively more challenging game via enhanced extra reinforcements.

Here are some shots from my game play. Its a simple game, with a few cool choices (small arms/ AT /Tanks/Grenade and PIAT attacks). and freedom of action which is rare for a solo game.

The AI mechanic is basic, and will require you to make sensible decisions…or not as you see fit.

  • I wont go into detail on the game play – you roll for safe landings on a graded scale subject to terrain.
  • You approach the enemy who may opportunity fire.
  • You suffer suppression (flip over) or hit points of damage.
  • You combat, they move and and you opportunity fire…etc.

Its a point to point map and the counters are generic, but the map is visually appealing. As a nice touch the actual commanders are named as are their teams. The combat capabilities, and fire strength require a bit of suspension of disbelief…but it works to provide you an inisght into the action at a fun level.

You can get a gist of the action from the list of images below:

2016-02-06 00.18.39 2016-02-06 21.59.10

2016-02-06 23.09.45-1 2016-02-07 00.08.52 2016-02-08 08.02.04 2016-02-08 17.47.27 2016-02-08 17.52.34 2016-02-08 18.02.05 2016-02-08 18.04.31 2016-02-08 18.06.40 2016-02-08 18.06.47

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