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Wargamer posted a nice write up on 2017 upcoming PC games:

“UBOOT (Deep Water Studio)

Describing itself as Fallout Shelter on a U-Boat, UBOOT promises to be one of the most unique sub-sims around. Taking a heavy amount of inspiration from the classic Das Boot, you control a U-Boat in the Atlantic during the Second World War and you have to keep a close eye on your crew if you want to survive.


Each individual’s morale or level of hunger affects their performance and each of your crew is promised to have their own backstory, face or personality. As the game progresses the dastardly allies will get progressively more dangerous; equipping their ships with sonar or breaking the enigma code. In tense situations sailors will also have hidden traits that are revealed. They could be a drunkard, a dangerous psychopath or even…a spy. Lastly UBOOT looks gorgeous and promises to recreate German U-Boats in painstaking accuracy.

No information on a release yet, other than “soon”, but you should check out the game’s Steam Page. “

ok.. thats the blurb.. wait …WTF?

“They could be a drunkard, a dangerous psychopath or even…a spy.”  Um talk about design for effect. sheesh. 

Read more over at the blog:  Here .

Actual noteworthy games – Sudden Strike  4. Which has pause to play to allow some refined tactics. The Steam link above has some nice game play.

Other noeworthhy items:

Warbands Bushido : ADORABLE. I bought early access. $7.99! I have wanted to play a skirmish level game for a while with either Shogunate era or modern…( I know go figure me weird right!).

ohhh.. and…interesting:

War of Rights (Campfire Games)

A realistic shooter in the same vein as Squad, War of Rights is instead set during the American Civil War. It was kickstarted back in 2015 and is due to enter Early Access sometime this year.


It promises realistic ballistics, authentic battlefields and a chain of command for added realism. Between Verdun,Squad, Battlefield 1 and the extremely popular Napoleonic Wars DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband a few years back, it’s obvious there’s a calling for semi-to-really realistic shooters with interesting historical settings.

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