PBEM Waterloo: Day 1 continued

Zieten to Blucher

Round 3 Sambre River

2Div [Jagow]  atk -12 morale to Prussian 2b.

Other wing -to Roder

French take minor losses 6 and 7 respectively. Bourmont’s move to Right supported by the Heavy Cu bash Roder senseless. His forces reel from the attack.


D’Erlon to Ney

The time is 1600.

Mons is secured.  My Corps is rested.  My patrols report heavy cannonade from the east of Binch.  I have no orders.

Day and Time: June 14th 18:00

From:    Ney            To: Napoleon

Origin Location:    Valenciennes

Destination Location: Phillipeville


My dearest Emperor

I am proud to report that Valenciennes is in our control. I have sent patrols towards Tournay and there is no sign of the British immediately south of the town. My patrols sighted a large force of British cavalry that withdrew across country and is now somewhere between Blaton and Ath.

Marsahll D’Erlon has secured Mons and has sent patrols towards Ath and Soignenes. So far he has not found any British. He has advised of a heavy Cannonade to his east near the town of Binch.

Unless you direct otherwise I intend to have III Cavalry proceed towards Torunay in the morning. I will move II Corps up the Valenciennes-Mons road in order to support D’Erlon if needed. I will direct Marshall D’Erlon to hold Mons until I can determine if he needs to move East or North.


Hill to Lord Wellington

Fredric and I are on our way to Brussels.  We are attempting to maintain cohesion by marching along the path Ath-Enighten-Hall-Brussells Rd.  Hill


“Ride up the Charleroi – Brussels road until you find the first Anglo-Dutch corps commander or the Duke of Wellington.”

Order (written in French, as all gentlemen speak French)

From Zieten, Prussian I Corps Commanding, time 1400 14JUN.

Dear Sir, my apologies for this breach of formality. I humbly request that this message is sent to the Duke of Wellington post haste.

At 1400 we have engaged a corps sized French force at Charleroi. I Corps will hold on as long as I can, but will fall back to Ligny if overwhelming odds encountered.

Yours respectfully
Zieten, I Corps Commanding

Day and Time: Day 1 17:00 (not sure what time this would actually be)

From: Blucher To: Blucher

Role (OC/Wing/CC): Role (OC/Wing/CC):

Formation(s) (Corps/Division) in this order:

Origin Location: Current Destination Location: Dinant

This is what my HQ is doing.  March the additional hours to reach Dinant.  Setup up command post to

monitor situations.


To Prince of Orange

Cooke reports back that they were passed by Wellington around 1600 headed to Mont St Jean.

The rest of your forces have executed your orders.

Brussels is agog at the news of fighting in Charleroi.

One of the Iron Dukes messangers is awaiting the arrival of the Uxbridge Reserve Arty with orders for them to move on to Mont St Jean.
They have just arrived in Brussels and are not looking forward moving out immediately.

In fact the Colonels all appear to be settling in for a spot of late tea and assessing the opportunity to attend a ball in honour of the Iron Duke despite his absence.

To Prince of Orange

Cooke’s information led you to believe that Wellington is head to Mont St Jean along with his Reserve Divisions. Without the intent of returning to Brussels that they knew of.

It appeared to be a  ‘march to war’ as a opposed to a Sunday ride.


Pirch Orders to Corps II

1800 on Day 1:

March toward Philippeville from 1800 to 2200 in road formation.Bivouac for the evening and resume march at 0500.Maximum emphasis on pickets for evening bivouac.Push scouts toward Philippeville at 0400.

1900 Drouot to Napoleon

Mon Empereur,

Your Imperial Guard is installed in Philiepeville as you ordered.

What news of les Rosbifs? I sent out patrols ahead of our current position, but have no reports for you despite the faint sounds of battle.

Your men are impatient for the coming engagement, is there any news on the enemies dispositions?

Your humble servant,




Good God, and I bet he also said we landed on top of two SS panzer divisions!!

Assuming Wellington and the Reserve Corps have already moved South past Cooke on their way towards the fighting at Chaloeroi, then please tell Cooke to stand at the ready at My St Jean, where I think he still should be since he apparently didn’t get my order to mover North to Waterloo.

If that is the case please tell him to send scouts South to find Wellington and have them notify Wellington he is standing at Mt St Jean as a reserve for the Reserve Corps.

BUT IF Wellington has NOT moved south of Cooke then please order him back to Waterloo to rest.



The PR I Corps will withdraw to Ligny @ 2000 (dusk). If the tired French want to pursue I Corps, then the pursuers may get a surprise when they hit the fresh I Corps divisions.


CC: Thielman III Corps

CC: Duke of Wellington (by the first Allied Corps commander we can find on the road between Charleroi and Brussels).

Dear Blucher,

I Corps has gloriously fought the French to a standstill at Charleroi. In the face of overwhelming odds, I Corps is withdrawing to Ligny. The men are tired and I humbly seek your assistance at Ligny.

Yours respectfully,
Zieten, I Corps commanding


From: I Corps (Ziethen)
To: Blucher

Origin Location: Charleroi-Ligny Road
Destination Location: Bluchers headquarters


My dear Blucher, I rejoice as  I have long craved to hear from you. I
feared the worst that you had fallen of your horse, or been captured
by the dastardly French. In your absence, I have sent messages to the
Anglo-Dutch notifying our allies of the situation at Charleroi. I
trust this is amenable to your wishes.

Much the pity the situation has changed and intense enemy pressure has
forced PR I Corps out of Charleroi, We are being hotly pursued by a a
large group of French Cavalry as we march towards Ligny. The I Corps
will reach Ligny at 0200 15th June.

I intend to stand at Ligny. I humbly request your inspiring presence
at Ligny, along with the PR II, III and IV Corps. The tired, bloodied
& defiant soldiers of PR I Corps will hold at Ligny, please march with
all possible speed.

To assist with communication, please confirm where your headquarters
is located and which road you are marching on towards Ligny.

Yours respectfully
Zieten, I Corps commanding

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