Part 2 Fury in the East by Maverick [BGG]

Alex continues his epically illustrated story of MMP’s Fury in the East.

Soviet Cavalry raids on Axis Army Group “Center” Supply Head!

Cavalierists capture Supply Depot of Army Group. Many chief officer of supply service became POWs. It is very heavy casualties for Army Group “Center” and whole Russian Campaign.

New assault on Kaunas. This city is “hard nut to crack”. 

Both sides suffered incredible losses. Germans had had to retreat. Only operational HQ of General Kharitonov can fight now. Other units of defenders is eliminated. 

Panzers had been met by regular forces and militia

Wermacht impacts a total resistence on entire USSR. 

No one Hitler’s directive had been completed, new many reinforcements have arrived (Siberian Divisions).

Hitler orders OKH to halt “Barbarossa” 

Hitler was furios but he could not do it anything.

“Barbarossa” failed.

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