Paper Wars…and “that” map!

ok a look inside the mag..In my hurry I did not check the editors notes! Adam Starkweather is now on staff as the Editor and a game designer. Congrats Adam.


I thought it amusing that the most recent newsletter from Compass still included the old map design. Nothing like scaring customers away ! LOL.

2 thoughts on “Paper Wars…and “that” map!

  1. Now that there’s a map you can live with, I hope you’ll play it.

    I selected the palette of colours for the counters, as shades that remain distinct for deuteranopes (red-green colourblindness, which affects about 8% of males).
    Maybe it looks a bit odd to people raised on SPI counter sheets but it looks equally odd to everyone, perhaps.

    Through a layout error Paper Wars printed only the first half of the article I wrote on the Finnish Civil War.
    The rest of the article is here:
    It’s a short article, a considerably longer and more detailed one will run in issue #8 of Counterfact magazine.


    • Excellent. I am reading the rules as we speak! Looks pretty straight forward rule wise. I am so glad you rescued your game and the map from whoever did that hideous F#$-er :).

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