Pacific War Guadalcanal Reboot

I’ll spare you the drama, my buddies temporary wargame table had an unlocked leg….So we lost the game.

2016-02-12 13.01.06

Reboot time.

It only took about an hour of B.S. and setup to re start. Oh and 3 beers each.


Good news this time I have Intercept as my Operational Intel versus Surprise. Which kicked my arse last time!

🙂 lucky me.

So we reconvened and got started. With Intel going my way this time. The Intel works like this:

You (IJN roll for Strat level ..shhh it’s  a secret) and pop a counter on the table.

Then execute a few other phases that dont matter in this scenario, and you get to Op Intel. Once I know my Op Intel level I can determine how I react to the movement going in to the action phases of the turn.


The Op player then moves, and does stuff..

I search.

Then I react.

I have 10 points I am allowed to use, command pts that are used to activate units subject to my ‘Op Int Level’. I elect to move my units in Rabul, we load and ship out with a reasonable escort. I also use some scarce command points to dash off as far as they can (only moving as far as the enemy no further in hexes ) naval support vessels from Truk to Buka. Total elapsed time for the US  & reaction is 4 days game time.

We are now ready for the epic and step wise heavy Battle Cycle. By pushing units into the hex with the enemy at Guadalcanal, I hope to divert some attention from the Island itself and allow it to survive at least one extra turn. until I can get my CV’s into play and mess up that fragile navy of the USN!!

2016-02-12 12.50.03

Doah this reaction movement adds a wrinkle to the IJN, as we want to minimize command points used so we have to re jigger our Task Forces….Truk ends up with several TF’s, organized in priority of move, since I wont have enough command Pts to get everything there in my reaction turn. TF’s have a max size that is just nonsensical to me… but what do I know!

2016-02-12 12.49.13

USN and Marines pile up on Guadalcanal, staged to assault.

So they are not in optimal organization in the display above [two pics up]…although for some reason you are allowed 6 Capital ships in a TF and only 4 Line ships? WTF?  guess it does not matter as you can move these TF’s mostly together. I think when it comes to combat tho this will be an issue.

So a couple of CV’s some line ships, a swag of air and the Marines are all in the hex…..I have the at start IJN Marines, and some ships and reinforcements there also….It will be interesting when we re convene soon.

[UPDATE.. been on a massive hiatus. WE must get back to this.]

UPDATE 2 – We just played the Battle Cycle!] More soonest.


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