OST – shattered Turn 7…[reverse order turn counter]

A continuation of  our VASSAL based online play:

The battle for the center of the map heats up. The KV1 is proving to be invincible. So to are T-34s, so dont hold onto allusions of historical accuracy here. Just revel in the fun. We started at Turn 14, it is now T6. The Germans are likely going to lose this scenario as they have nothing tht can stop the T-34s. Either a heavy AT gun or better tanks are required…or a revision of the movement rate/stats of the 1941 T-34.

We are having a blast working out the kinks in the system and exploring different strategies as they evolve with Opportunity Fire,  Tank Duels and Melee.

Good cracking fun.



2 thoughts on “OST – shattered Turn 7…[reverse order turn counter]

  1. What are your thoughts about this game at this point? You’ve played a fair bit of it, it seems. I’m aiming for Last Hundred Yards when that gets here, probably a long way away. But this looks interesting too.

    • I have my eye on Last 100 yards. I’m in two minds about OST. Im not a huge WWII tactical guy ( I prefer Modern Tactical in general). That said it plays pretty quick, the rules have some quirks (most tactical games seem to ), and Im not a huge fan of the tank combat system.

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