One thought on “OST Part 2

  1. Some questions as I watched this & the previous video:

    General questions about the game, what is new, unique, or “new-ish” (maybe done before but not too commonly as far as I can tell)? It seems that rolling for impulse / activation points is new-ish, that being able to move & fire in the same turn is new-ish, and no op fire in the last hex of movement is, dare I say it, new? Anything else?

    How do you find the game overall? I was interested in this, except for what I thought was a hideously outrageous entry price for a KS game. Looking at this video I’m a bit less interested, but I’m not sure why exactly. I don’t much like the counter art that I’ve seen, and that sadly has a big impact on my “interest level.”

    Does the game handle AFV’s? Air strikes? Artillery? How do you like those rules, if you’ve had a chance to look them over?

    Specifically about this second video:
    Impulse points/activation points same thing? A stack uses a point to either move or shoot, and can do both in any given turn (using one of the side’s points per choice)? Or is it a point per unit? Or a point for a unit, 2 points for a stack?
    If you can’t op fire at a unit as it enters the last hex of its movement (a cool sounding rule), how do you manage that in-game? Does the moving player have to declare his path in advance, or declare his last hex in advance? Or if he moves and the defender says “I’m shooting,” can he decide at that point “I’m stopping here”?

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