From Flying Pig Games:

“Old School Tactical arrived in our warehouse in June of 2016, by August it was sold out. It’s been crazy, but crazy good. In a world of two-million dollar Kickstarter games and titles with thousands upon thousands of ratings on BoardGameGeek, distributors didn’t want to talk to a little company in Virginia. But you guys said “screw the distributors” and bought Old School Tactical right off our website. Fantastic! We thank you. The bad part, however, of being sold out is that you are sold out (Duh!). So now we are back, hat in hand, to ask for your help in funding a reprint.

That reprint campaign will go live on Kickstarter on November 10th at 12 noon, Eastern Standard time. The campaign will feature dirt-cheap copies of Old School Tactical, levels that include reprints of the much-sought-after strategy guide and famous Flying Pig dice, and package deals that lets pledgers pick up their Old School Tactical in addition to Night of Man, ’65, or even Old School Tactical II, or all of it together if you like. But that’s not all. The first handful of folks to support the campaign will get their Old School Tactical ABSOLUTELY FREE (plus shipping costs). So be one of the first to show up and get your copy free. ”


Hopefully this print run will be big enough to provide some much needed stock!reprint

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