OSG Napoleon Games Vol III No.3

Napoleon Games (.com) has Zuckers latest report up and free for download.

Feels like Freebie week!

Wargame Design Vol III No.3

All the articles are of course written from the context of his great designs. I really enjoy the higher scale offerings but have a hard time with the NLB battles. Great research, but the tactical combat does not feel right to me. Kevin must have heard my gripe!

So without further adieu Kevin Zucker writes a great piece on why I am mistaken and how his combat system works and why it works the way it does. All is as it should be!

Further details can be read in an early edition also here which I have to disagree with. That was not how I saw battles play out in Aspern Essling! Regardless some fab reading here. Enjoy it.

ALSO! Absolutely worth a read -the article called A Fine Balance. The next best article is called Operational Art really great stuff, I was hoping this would be more about the Days system but  to no avail.



No magazine or edition is replete without a promo for the latest!



Four more battles of the 70 planned this time set in Russia!

2 thoughts on “OSG Napoleon Games Vol III No.3

  1. Sure the scale is higher in these games, but still you are talking of hour turns. A charge/formation change is probably a 10 minute thing. Imagine you as Nappy giving an order at 10 AM and a report on the result an hour later. Do you expect to list every charge, fire position, infantry support manuever? That’s the corps leader’s job..or the brigadier.

    And if you got a report back from the leader at 11 AM with pages of remarks about heroic moves and brave charges by squadrons, you’d fire the guy in favor of the fellow who says

    “We attacked and drove the enemy out of the town with loss. Our casualties were light!”

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