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The Last Success from OSG – Kevin Zuckers company the Day of Battle scenario . We are examining this battle of Asperen Essling the prelude to Wagram using 3 titles. Recently we finished the play first title on the topic of Aspern Essling with the Vae Victus, Jours de Glorie series.

JdG had a similar time scale and foot print. But relied on a different combat method and different (chit pull) activation process. You can see the series of videos and reports here for that title.

What am I looking for in a Nappy tactical level game?

Napoleonic tactics and flavour! What does that mean? What does it look like?


Ranged combat greater than 100m is not effective from muskets.  Arty can be devastating. Cavalry have a delicate use in pinning, screening and with Heavy Cavalry formation breaking charges.

I’d like to see units be able to form squares or the notion of such be recognized. Melee and combat are a bloody affair but recognize that often formations break and re group, more so than in the Ancient Era.

Are logistics needed or important? Possibly, depending upon the duration of the battle. Command and control will be important.

But first the clipping!

0400 HR:

Austrians begin movement. Activating commands.

Hillers Corp the VIC will be first to be activated by Charles in the pre dawn hours.

Napoleon is situated between the two Commanders to lend assistance as needed.

The Day of Battle scenario eschews the approach saving a lot of time and allowing us to get right to it. The battle runs from 0400 to 2000 HR on the 22nd of May. The battle opens up pretty aggressively with no maneuver to speak of.

Kolowrat II Corps activates, along with IV Corps, 1 Reserve and 1 Corps.

The Vienna Vols. fail to self activate and are OOC (Out of Command), which means they cannot move this turn. Hiller begins proceedings by assaulting the Church (1925) Bellegardes I Corps arty advance to bombard, II corps lead by Kolowrat advance.

We then realize that by being adjacent of course we will need to assault so we back off the IC Arty.

1 Reserve and IV Corps attack the Grainery (2625), finally Rosenberg;s IV also attack Roder in the woods of 2627 behind Essling.

The resulting attacks are disappointing in and around Aspern. The Soak off attack results in a Attacker Eliminated (PEU, as there was not a retreat path), while the main attack was repulsed, no Arty bombards were available as this is a ‘chateau hex’ due to the Church, so defense is good but stacking limited ( the units start overstacked?)

T1_AE_atks2014-03-17 15.22.10

The Austrian ranged bombard into town has no effect. The attack upon the grainery is a 2:1 ending up in a ‘shock result’ – W. Meaning the lowest Morale/effectiveness rating combatant with lowest # of SP retreats a hex. Neuestadt attacks with a 1:2, obtains a shock and forces IC Corps out of Essling on Turn 1. They quickly advance to take the VP location.

In the woods Roder is forced to retreat on a 1:1 attack by Rosenbergs forces.
Endt1_2014-03-17 15.47.19

The French activate their commands now.

Massena stays put, and reinforces the brickworks area near Lannes. Napoleon and Cavalry counter attack Rosenberg in the woods, the result is a 1:2 attack and this forces Napoleon to retreat. AR3!!!

IV corps counters also and in a 1:2 attack on the Granery re take the hex of Essling. Curial attacks with his men and forces Hardegg to retreat with a w result.

Right now the ebb and flow  of the morning battle approximates the efforts of both sides. From David Chandlers writing we know that the parts of the townships changed hands several times.  I’m not sure how often or exactly when. In the 0500 turn a more methodical approach to attack will be pursued, with bombard and battery firs first then ground assaults. In the mean time we seek also an opportunity to use the Charge rules!

More as it happens.


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