In the Confession booth over Operation Typhoon

Update from my previous Turn 16 post and some more details:

From my Facebook page + edits:

Confession time! With a question.
First the confession; I screwed up!
When you play a game, how accurately do you desire to play it? 100%?
How do you feel if you invest a lot of time and make an egregious error?
Do you reset, or try and wind the clock back or come up with kooky fixes?

Yes I am at that point. Operation Typhoon errors & omissions.

Lets talk about the semantic difference between Precipitation and Snow. NONE both are precipitation.

READ THE RULES MORON….. Snow of course is a type of precipitation. I was ‘reading’ it as rain. Why I will never know.
Never connecting the dots on the two….:(. Therefore I missed 2 turns of snow!

The Big Board
24 minutes ago
As at Turn 12 (this is the beginning of 12).

End of Turn 11.

We had precipitation, i.e. we had snow…. This matters, as movement and combat factors are halved for all Germans, but not for most of the Russians.

Turn 12 was clear and normal (snow melted). So there was one turn where the Russians could have put some hurt on. THEN see next picture [below].

The challenge comes with assessing how much damage the Soviets could have done on the one hand, and the robustness of the Germans moves to mitigate losses, know it was now snow.
The Big Board Note : I think a more aggressive stance would have been taken by Russkies in the North, plus attacks in the South on the 24th Pzr  (East of Tula, right side of screen above) who were out of supply. OOS meaning that even defense is 1/2 ‘ed in Snow!!! Many of the Soviet units on the boards were quiet weak however.

Note supply in OP.Typhoon does not reduce CF on defense unless in Snow for Germans, or isolated. Ugh. A material error. With turn 12, 16 both having been snow that was two good turns for the Russskies to stick it to the Germans. More importantly this would have halted the now obvious rush for the East map edge by the Germans.

Clearly the German moves in Turn 12, 16, and 17 would have been shortened up. The offensive would have ground to a halt.

Overall the Soviets have lost 57 VPs to date, 25 of which are City hex vps at the start of Turn 17. The German fighting force is in good shape with very few reduced Divisions, and only 1-2 Tank Battalions lost.
What to do?? This error in Op T is a biggie. This is why I get so anal about asking questions and bugging designers about support, rule nuances, house rules etc. We dont always have a chance to “go back and just play again’. That is why Proud Monster will stay in the dam box.  Well living the game with you as I learn it and write is part of the experience I guess! My pain is your entertainment 😉

I think I could ‘re create’ the situation from pictures and close ups I have as at T12.???.

I am in start of turn 17, thus potentially wiping 5 played turns out [ick], and what will be/would have been an unearned Decisive German Victory, due to the weather error.

I was about the call the game as done, but had a niggling thought that this was now drifting off the rails as a historic simulation. I identified weather as the cause of concern and the review there was dis heartening.

The light went on at T17 when I had Precipitation and River freeze results….surely there must be snow now I thought…

Start of T17. T16-T17 should be Snow.

In the top right of the picture a swag of 12th /13th and 24th are headed for the exits.

None of that could have been achieved in snow.

On the left or North of Moscow, obviously the advance would have been foreshortened there as well, and in the center I hate the think of the carnage wrought by Soviets on the march there.
I really am curious to see how this plays out however correctly, plus we have the sunk cost in hours.  Sigh.

Torn between two unsatisfying options.


Due to in part to my posts, friends have rallied to offer to REBOOT with me from scratch! They have the Operation Typhoon Itch!

So I am resetting the game. We are tentatively scheduled for a 1-2 marathon game play! We will also use Nathan Kilgores suggested optional rules. I am very excited.

Full but now decidedly different AAR to follow on my solo experience and my F2F match up!

5 thoughts on “In the Confession booth over Operation Typhoon

  1. The time I soloed Op T I missed the rule about only so many factors in a stack can attack or be attack. In your case you can say that it just never snowed/rained that year.

    While it is frustratiing a little, I wouldn’t say it made the experience worthless if you were having fun up to the discovery of the mistake. Its like taking a drive in the country and reaching a different town that you intended.

    • indeed. indeed. thanks for the encouragement.
      I knew the jig was up when the Germans were going to sweep to victory. Then I played iwht my friends which I already posted about. Total Soviet crush in 7-8 turns. Yikes. What a difference. Very cool. Great system, great game.

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