Operation Winter Storm [OCS] p1.

The scenario 4 is a comparatively small. Only a 6 turn battle, it details the German attempt to force a corridor open to fortress Stalingrad bringing with them much needed supplies. At the German’s disposal are the 17th, 23rd, and 6th Panzer divisions as well as a few minor non-divisional units. In side the kessel are remnants of the 3rd and 29th Motorized Divisions and the 14th Panzer division who may prove useful later, but are currently holding the line against a myriad of Russian divisions. Between the Germans and Stalingrad are what looks like a few Russian Motorized Corps and Numerous warm bodies. The updated scenario victory conditions only require we create a trace supply route to our battered comrades, giving me varying degrees of victory for how strong the route is (will it plausibly hold a turn or so).

Operation Winter Storm
Situation as of December 12th

As we can see 57th Corp is staging just a few tens of miles outside of Stalingrad. Between them though is a formidable force and the blockade around Stalingrad is maintained by an equally respectable force. As well, intelligence reports lead us to believe a reinforcing Russian Army unit is on its way.

War Plan Winter Storm
Key: Red-Red: German Offensive units; Red-Orange: Soviet Offensive units
Orange line: General offensive direction; Green line: Possible Secondary route for trace supply

My Operational idea stems from the problem faced by 57th corp. The Corp is not in offensive range of the opening soviet corp elements. Regardless, any move forward will put them in range of a soviet counter attack. In the opening phase, the 57th will prep their launch toward Stalingrad by knocking out the Russian 332nd division. Afterwards they’ll regroup for the possible Russian counter attack.

The aim of the first week of fighting is to clear the route between Kotel and up to the last river outside of Stalingrad, clearing soviet forces in between. From there the Stalingrad Siege can be broken!

Something however worth noting. Some staff members have suggested an alternate route along the Don River. By taking the road hugging the Don the 57th corp can circumvent most of the blockade and establish trace to the kessel. The Solution is extremely vulnerable and spread out, but it’s one to keep in mind.

Note: I’m not sure if I can actually maneuver out their due to map boundaries, but I haven’t seen anything restricting it so….

Anyway, that’s the opening for now! I should get the first turn completed and uploaded in just a few hours. From there I should maintain at least a full german/russian turn a day!

Password Freedom, objective Lysyanka, 2300 hours…

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