Operation Star Turn 5

End of German Turn above. As in most SPI titles from this era the Axis is faced with the un ending streams of replacements. Such that if you are not putting lives at risk to kill Soviet units the replacements return everything you kill immediately.

In the Soviet turn they mass attacks but are unable to shake GD out of the woods or  the Battalions  from the 320th in Balakleya!

Minor success further North see units cross the river finally, which may allow the German flank to be turned. However the lack of planning for the Soviets has hurt them. The Soviet player in this game has 3 or 4 key factors to consider:

  1. Sticky ZOCS
  2. Direction of movement
  3. Supply
  4. Offensive mode vs Defensive mode

These rules drive behaviour and planning. you cannot simply adjust your plan. Once a unit engages it must win or retreat to leave a zoc. Putting a XXX in a Zone of Control and having it stuck there for 2 turns can kill a drive. Similarly the direction of movement rules mean no back tracking with units for those extra 2 Combat Factors you need! The third is obvious the HQ’s if not placed well are a strict leash, and prevent large flanking maneuver. Once you move from Offensive to defensive it all gets even harder.

Situation at end of Turn 5:




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