One Small Step Newsletter update:

Just a straight up Ctrl C & V. So we wont bother with editing all teh ‘boxes and poor formats – bear with that please.

Mildly curious as to where the counters are for Areas mag #3 game (I’m pretty sure it had a game in it).

Hoping that the Counterfact continues to evolve. Ty Bomba is going to be headin’ up the show. Lots of games planned. I look forward to the evolution of the Fire and Movement style of review and designer rebuttal.

You can order stuff here:

Hi Everyone.

We have a little bit of news to share, so we wanted to send out a quick update.

CounterFact 3 Shipping Now

CounterFact Issue 3 is shipping now. We’re a bit shorthanded around the warehouse just now, so it’s trickling out slowly, but subscribers should be starting to receive their issue starting today. We should have them all shipped out by the end of this coming weekend. So keep an eye out.

Those of you who subscribed via paypal, please don’t delay paying your invoice as we are shipping those right now!


Also Now Shipping: HRE Battle Book 1

And also trickling out of our warehouse along with CF3 is the first Battle Book for Holy Roman Empire. We sent out the first batch today, so it should start showing up in your mailbox in the very near future.

Also, Mark McLaughlin has submitted the final draft of the 2nd Battle Book on the English Civil War, so we’ll be getting that into layout shortly.

Chris Fawcett is also finishing up the new rulebook as well. So lot’s still to come on this one. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us.


No Trumpets No Drums Released to Press

No Trumpets No Drums has finally made it to press. We’re particularly proud of this project. Mark McLaughlin, Joseph Miranda, and Jon Compton all burned a lot ofmidnight oil to get this one whipped into shape; with an improved order of battle, new optional rules, and additional chrome that represents many of the smaller forces that had a strategic impact on the conflict.

There are only about 21 (as of this writing) pre-order price copies left before this title switches to full retail in our shopping cart. We are expecting this one to be ready to ship to you within 90 days.


NATO, Nukes, and Nazis in Final Proofing

The new NATO, Nukes, and Nazis is also ready for press, and we expect to release it to the printer within a few days. We’re only awaiting some final pricing. Files are poised and ready…. Check it outhere. As with No Trumpets, not a lot of copies left at pre-order pricing.

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