2 thoughts on “oh Yeah 2200 and its dark, scary dark

  1. From Perry: about 12 1/2 mins in you have the soviets assault a nazi hex that is paralyzed. i thought that if the atkers entered the hex and stayed in the hex after the first round that the defenders just surrendered.

    that was how i recall playing but it could be an older rules version..

    -answer as far as I know:
    As for the paralyzed stuff: that would be nice! Rule 22.0 – if the attacker is suppressed or paralyzed during final overwatch then CA ends.
    But rules clearly state that attacker gets to fire first at suppressed and or paralyzed units in the close assault when they enter the hex after final OW.

    Your other email re rolls for night – yes I was. I did bugger up the last roll tho and should have failed one turn earlier.

    I also realized some OpSheet mistakes as I was writing new ones for AM 30th turn, and retro adjusted for posterity and learning exercise. I’ll post those up later on.

    I’m hoping to finish the night turns this weekend and get cracking on the morning barrages and attacks.
    The 2400 hour has seen the Germans abandon their positions in Goncharova and Noviki for fear of being cut off.

    Travino holds on for now, and I am two minds for Vasil’tsova. I want to hold there as the German so I can eventually counter attack. At the very least I will be able to threaten supply, and or recapture Travino.

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