Offer for BigBoarders

Ladies and gents.

One of the things that has excited me about the world of gaming in last 3 years I have been re engaged has been the rapid level of innovation occurring.

Allied Overlord

The industry as a whole (keep in mind I do not have a deep Reisswitzian like connection back to the earliest days of wargaming) has evolved especially over the last 3 years in how we experience our games.

How we play (via Vassal, on Skype, dual webcam or even play by poll here and the Watch it Played channel on You Tube), how we share our experiences, Video blogging, detailed pictorial After Action Reports, sites dedicated to just images and art of wargaming. How we fund games via kickstarter, and gigs like the Guffless system from Lock’n Load Publishing, have propelled us forward. So many aspects of our gaming have advanced or matured beyond the somewhat staid past approaches.

We, I firmly believe, are having richer experiences every time we play.


What does all that have to do with an offer for you?

Late last year I had the chance to play Blocks in the East (BitE), with its interesting take on Production, technology advancement and strategic warfare limited by command and resources on the Eastern Front in WWII. I was enamoured with the art, the component quality, and breadth of scope attempted by this title. This game was a pretty big success over 1200 copies sold in the first few months of release!

So much to my joyous minds surprise the time for Blocks in the West is upon us!!

Now the great news is, one of the owners Emanuele Santandrea has told me they have met their modest P200 internal goal and are in the midst of production of the maps and blocks (over 300). The sticker art is complete, and the final rules for scenarios are being tweaked! Retail release is planned around the time of the Essen Convention.


BitW brings some new features to the BitE experience, beyond just linking to BitE. Now there is card enhanced play, I can’t share too much detail yet, but from what I have been exposed to this extends and deepens the strategic fun for both titles in 2 separate packs and a Late War pack of cards to boot.


There are also large scenario setup cards for each major scenario in full color, a pet peev of mine in BitE was setup instructions.

Allied ready for Husky-afrika2

The retail cost in USD for the Standard edition is $106, with the 2 decks of cards specific to BitW as well is an additional $26.57. I like NATO counter art but really dig the new Leader counters on the icon sheets, so I ordered that as well for $19.95 too.

Grand total – $152.57 + $48.50 in shipping. Phew wow. Expensive.  $201.02 …Yes but Kevin think of the playing enjoyment!!….I keep telling myself.

Yeah, even I double checked my math. So I went to them and asked for some sort of deal.

All of the above can be had until the 19th of August for $136.00 even, shipping included anywhere on planet Earth. That my friends is about a 33% discount. So I got my copy ordered.

At some point I am going to grab the Goretex map which runs for $80. It is 20% larger and links to the BitE map of similar size.

So if you already own BitE and were considering buying BitW, now is a good time to order.

All you need to do is mention The Big Board in the Paypal instructions, and order Blocks in the West, then VN will add the 2 card decks, and sticker pack.

Or send an email and say you want the Big Board discount etc. Order @ .

Allied Overlord3

Operation Overlord, Rain spatters the troops as the Mulberries approach! I cannot wait!

Hey!! At least say something! ;)