Off the rails history

One of the Facebook readers mentioned they were glad that they avoided The Supreme Commander, due to ‘alt history’ outcomes.

2014-10-18 18.02.53

Well here is as old school as it gets. Yet it too has its  ahistorical situations. Now while the minor powers aligned normally, the outcome is anything but historical. The Axis abandoned North Afrika and only attempted a limited push into Russia, playing for the win!

We got to let it go, and embrace the game and the experience. No one wants rail road history do they?
2014-10-18 18.02.48The challenge with games that run a long time, or have so many variable is that non conforming historical events  can and will occur. The Supreme Commander is a game that has a stronger Diplomatic bent than some other titles, certainly less counter congestion and not the level of fine grained detailed as presented here.

I like my granular detail at a lower level say tactical rather than at the Strategic level, Wellington, Napoleon, Hitler and Eisenhower were not deciding where to place coastal defenses…well maybe Hitler was.

Seeing this setup on our post Carthage debrief (read beer and Bourbon drinking) it was striking how different the modern TSC, Unconditional Surrender etc are to the older A3R systems. I think I lean towards the more abstracted playable titles than AETO.

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