Oct-Nov Soviet Defense adjustments

This report is from our Oct/Nov turns, if you are watching the video you know we have passed these dates as of today.


The Soviet side has made some adjustments, with the help of the Mud.

By choosing select key areas to reinforce we hope to allow the Axis Tide to wash over and prevail.

A double defensive line is almost complete across the front of Moscow.


Extra HedgeHogs, extra SP and as many units as can be spared to make 1-2 unit stacks are being placed in


Kharkov, Tula, Rostov and 2-3 other core locations

The rush of Axis units was not as aggressive as first thought, but they still managed to take out Vyazmya and almost have Rhzev by the end of October.

Brynask hangs by a thread and will possibly use up the last of the Tree Bark.

In the South the swathes of losses have stopped, as forces were able to retreat ahead of the over extended German lines. Kharkov holds and has a lot of units and supply. The problem will be to secure the Rail to the rear. This is a focal point for November.

Sevastopol, must be further reinforced with troops:

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