Oct 1st Thru Dec 1st 1941

Well the game play has been arduous, fun, stress inducing, panic ridden and thrilling all at once. The combined games of Case Blue and Guderians Blitzkrieg are amazing on a number of levels….more on that later tho.

Dozens of errors, hundreds of goofs and more fun than I can count.

The Situation at the high level so far- click thru for a zoom able view:


click thru for maginification


At first blush I am pretty thrilled for the Soviets. They have slowed the advance in several areas to be ‘ahead’ historically. But there are a number of precarious sections of the map, and the cost has been atrocious.

In a video [INSERT link] I outlined a proposed strategy for the Germans to fake towards Moscow but actually head South with 5 Divisions of Panzers.

This was contemplated due to the perceived inability to crack the Soviet shell around Moscow. However the last turn of November revealed that their might be a possibility to encircle  entirely or at least cut of rail support to Moscow.

Moscow has large reserves of SP, but also a lot of units. IF that could be pulled off then the Germans can seek the moral victory of taking Moscow but failing to fulfill all of the Victory Conditions for 1941.

Now the Germans and the Soviets must both take stock of the situation and assess plans for December.  The Soviets cut and run in the South, given the paucity of units on the map, and have elected to trade massive space for time, and prepare to hold Rostov and Stalingrad and at all costs. In the North they have no where to run.

The Germans are stretched thin, but have gathered several Divisions North of Tula, south of Moscow, with a truck and wagon extender in tow, feeding back to Orel.  They also have begun shifting forces to the South (4 Divisions of Infantry to try and take Sevastopol. Further North they look to threaten Kalinin.

Lots more to come, a lot of factors to be weighed and considered for both sides.

I also need to asses continuing past this point, or stopping here.


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