4 thoughts on “OCS Supply Symmetry..wow.

  1. I do not believe Kursk can be used for supply and reinforcements until the rail line is repaired.

  2. I’m pretty sure you can drop a supply point off a truck – actually you can suck it off a truck as you move without unloading loading – to do things like fuel a PZ division. So the one supply point is moved, drawn to an HQ and thrown quite a distance to the division.

    What you can’t do is move a supply point on 1 truck, then grab it and move it again on a second truck in the same phase. I suppose if you had a reserve organic truck it could move it during exploit.

    • yep that is what I finally re confirmed for myself. As a matter of process when I bring Supply in I keep thinking..oh ts moved. But it has not. Thats one issue the other is keeping it all straight in me little noggin’

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