OCS Pre Orders up!!

Yep Tunisia II and Sicily II.
I am all in for Sicily.
I am not sure I care that much for Tunisia…tho the revision
is likely a nice one.
New maps revised OOB and some rules updates will no doubt help. Regardless with Tunisia the end campaign is a messy attrition fest.
Whereas it ‘seems’ like Sicily will benefit in lots of ways and be a different and possibly better game. I have not played it yet, so I cant really say much about it.


Sicily Details: NOTE 1 MAP – acquiescence to the ‘no more monsters mantra’

Sicily II is a full-sized game covering the amphibious invasion of that island in the summer of 1943. This new edition is quite different from Dean Essig’s original game from back in 2000. It features a revised order of battle, modified rules, and a new map. The most obvious change is in scale: hexes are now 3.5 miles across and there are two turns per week (the original had 2.5-mile hexes and four turns per week). This makes for a smaller, faster game that conforms to the scale chosen for Beyond the Rhine and the upcoming games set in Western Europe. We think Sicily II is a perfect way to give new recruits their baptism in the fire of OCS, and is also a worthy entry in the series for players who have already earned their stripes.

Here are some of the game’s highlights:

  • The entire campaign lasts just 16 turns.
  • There are six scenarios in all (three using the entire map, and three using just a portion).
  • The Allied airborne fiasco is recreated with simple scatter rules.
  • The amphibious landings can be played out using standard OCS naval rules, or players can mostly skip these and begin with the bulk of Allied forces already ashore.
  • The Luftwaffe’s Do.217K makes its series debut, armed with exotic Fritz-X missiles.
  • Rules for Italian unit wavering and surrender make every game different.
  • Several interesting options are provided, including revised Axis deployment and variable entry of the 29th Panzergrenadier Division.


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