OCS Odds with 2d6


No wonder the frustration level rises MORE THAN HALF the time with OCS combat results!! Even with 4:1 odds (assuming no surprise) more than half the time I am going to take a step loss……

I recently watched a cool little video from the History Gamer Dot Com:

Which had me thinking about CRTs. I pulled out OCS’s bug bear as I had been using it a lot lately.

In the Video explains that 6,7,8 are rolled about 45% of the time with 2d6. The above CRT shows you those results at pretty good odds in clear and close terrain, two of the ideal terrains you want to be fighting in. At odds worse than 4:1/6:1 (Clear/Close) you are insane to be attacking.

The results that cluster around 6,7,8 (and I included 9 as often we will have a +1 DRM for effectiveness rating), are pretty nasty. Again 45% is the magic number, but only 45% of the time will you not suffer an adverse result (Ao1).

If you attack in Open terrain at 4/5/7:1 you have one chance of not taking a Ao1 result!

This will help me be more mindful of my attacks as I plan out the next campaign game of OCS.

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