OCS-EFS Mega Game!

MMP and GMT to collaborate on worlds largest East Front Game!

Vance Borries and Dean Essig were in hushed meetings over the past several months to reconcile their gaming systems. The new 10,000 counter slugfest will cover EVERY action of note in the Eastern front.

EFS and OCS as many know are two outstanding systems both covering different period of the war. Rodger Mc Gowan is doing the art for the box, but has already expressed concern over the sheer size of the box. ” How can I get good quality art work on this beast that is not grainy if the box is bigger than OGRE?”

After much wrangling over naming rights the two systems will now be called  Mega Monster East Front, Plan Beige.

Essig was quoted in the closed door meeting as saying” Beige is the new Case Blue”.

We have the research to prove it, he later claimed as millions of pages of once top secret Nazi and Soviet documents were released and thumbed through by him.

Borries was ecstatic as now his plans for re release of  EFS’s 5 different titles into one mega campaign playable system had no chance in hell of working. His comments about the merging of systems: ” Frankly I’m relieved, that game was never going to be playable under one rule set. Now all we gotta do is add 500 truck counters and rationalize the terrain on all the maps for Case Blue and GBII, slam dunk.” He later admitted he was initially concerned about the number of counters as his calculator stopped adding and subtracting when he was reconciling his EFS counter manifests.

Not much else is know at this point other than the map count. The boys are however taking this to a new level with Simonitch hand drawing each map for each copy of the game.  So really it each copy will be a masterpiece unto itself Simonitch was quoted as saying.

37 maps at 5km per hex and Battalion scale play. In a nod to Adam Starkweather with the now pathetically 2nd largest wargame ever they take anything good from his system GTS and slap it in the OCS/EFS (new system name not yet agreed) game.

With such a massive undertaking Richard Berg has been engaged as the Developer for this title. “I am particularly excited to be working on two such clean and fabulous systems. I have a few minor ideas of my own to add a little more realism and perhaps tweak the case numbering and make the rules a little more opaque for better discussion amongst players” He was quoted as saying.

HRG’s Arthur Goodwin is also assisting with the critical last step. His company has been contracted to do the printing due to their extensive experience with judging porosity of paper. “This will be our biggest project yet, unfortunately this will push back our release of Fire in the East, but something had to give!” He said when interviewed in his bathroom.

Only 15,000 copies will be printed, all with 5/8ths inch counters. P150 is planned as both companies expect the product to fly off the shelves priced at just $595.00.

A joint press release is expected just before noon today.


-oh and April Fools.


11 thoughts on “OCS-EFS Mega Game!

  1. sounds great. Have AGS and Typhoon but to my shame never tried them (yet). Hope Total war still sees the light of day.

  2. 5km hexes??
    Oh dear. My own study has shown (citation needed) that the ONLY way to game Battalion level is at 1000m per hex, preferably less.
    Sigh… and to think I was willing to get a second morage for this puppy right up till that moment.

  3. WTF! You got me. Jokes on you I own Case Blue and GBII. Lol! No room to play them though.

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